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The Truth About Opioids

What are the facts about opioids?

Despite all the hype new substances of abuse get by the media, opioids are still around and still taking a deadly toll on people who abuse them.  But what are the facts about opioids?

image of man throwing up made from pills for Gulf Breeze Recovery non twelve step holistic drug and alcohol rehab "opioids are still around and still taking a deadly toll on people who abuse them"According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SASMHSA), in 2016 all U.S. overdose deaths involving opioids, including unintentional, intentional, homicide and undetermined totaled more than 42,000.  They warn that anyone who uses opioids for long-term chronic pain management is at risk for opioid overdose as are those who use illicit opioid substances or who have a substance abuse disorder.

Also at risk for an opioid overdose are those who have completed detoxification either voluntarily, through a treatment facility, or by incarceration.  During their time of abstinence, their tolerance level has decreased, and if they use again at the previous level they were using prior to detoxification, overdose can occur.

Understanding how to prevent opioid overdose death is important.  If you or someone you love is at risk it is important to know up-to-date information about the use of opioids as well as steps to prevent overdose.  SAMHSA offers information for laypersons on how to prevent and manage overdose at Prevent and Protect

Opioid overdose deaths can be prevented when naloxone is used.  Naloxone can reverse the effects of opioids in the system by displacing opioids from receptor sites in the brain and reversing respiratory depression which is usually the cause of overdose deaths.  Naloxone sometimes requires multiple doses for the more potent opioids such as fentanyl or carfentanil.

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It is important to know what to do if you think someone has overdosed on opioids.

Get medical help immediately.  Call 911 and let them know the person is unresponsive and not breathing.  Don’t wait.  Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have statutes that prevent a “Good Samaritan” who is seeking help for someone who has overdosed from being prosecuted for possession of a controlled substance.

Residential treatment programs help.

Explore treatment options that are available and find the option that best fits your needs.  All programs are not the same.  Opioid addiction is not easy to kick, but with professional care, recovery is possible.

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