Families and Prescription Drug Abuse

amcc5The Five Step American Medicine Chest Challenge is an event devised to include families in the fight against prescription drug abuse. The challenge asks families to participate in five steps designed to eliminate leftover medications from the homes of many Americans throughout the country.

The first challenge step requires that families take inventory of their medicine cabinet. This would include any prescriptions used to handle pain, anxiety or learning disabilities. After taking inventory, families are then asked to secure their medicine cabinet. This means installing a lock or in some way ensuring that other people do not have access to the cabinet and its contents.

The third step requires that people dispose of their unused medications properly at prescription collection sites. Experts agree that this action is vitally important to ensuring that no one has access to the extremely addictive narcotics that some people have in their medicine cabinets.

The fourth step simply consists of understanding prescription drugs and taking prescribed medications as they’re intended.

Finally, the last step is talking to children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Having children participate in the five step challenge is advised so they can understand the importance of being safe with prescription medication.

“With over 2,000 community and law enforcement partners nationwide, an awakening to the dangers of prescription drug abuse and a call to action to safely dispose of unused, unwanted, and unneeded medicine is continuing,” explained Angelo M. Valente who is heading the challenge.

These five simple steps can help save many lives now and in the future from things like addiction, accidental overdose and other misuse of medications. For more information about the Challenge, take check out their site here.

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