Changing Mindset of Addiction Treatment

I want to changeMuch of the success, or lack thereof, in the addiction treatment field thus far has been a combination of the intent of the individual being treated as well as the rehabilitation methods and counseling practices being used. Many programs base their strategies on teaching coping mechanisms and addressing physicalities such as clean time and chemical imbalances.

While there are merits to nearly every type of rehab center out there, both 12 step and non-12 step in nature, Gulf Breeze Recovery seeks to shift the focus of the individual during the rehabilitation process.

How we view ourselves and the world around us has a substantial impact on our behavior. Most people live their lives reacting to other people and situations and placing blame elsewhere for their actions, yet we are capable of changing the way we see things and therefore control what our reactions will be.

Recognition of this doesn’t necessarily take years in order to change, though it may not happen instantly either. The concepts taught within our program work with individuals to help them regain control over their own minds, and thus their thoughts and actions involving substance abuse. We also do help them to feel better physically with diet and exercise, but the main focus is still with our excellent teachers and counselors.

Contact Gulf Breeze Recovery to learn more about the miracles happening every day where people are breaking free from their previous mental constructs and moving on with their lives.

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