happy and smiling woman explaining the non 12-step approach to rehab to younger woman

Non-12-Step Approach to Rehab

Non-12-step rehab shares a few common characteristics with its AA predecessor. To begin, both ideas promote abstinence from the abused substances. It should also be noted that, like traditional twelve-step programs, there is no unified non-12 step approach. Some versions feature elements of spirituality, while others do not.

counselor explaining options to a client concerning luxury rehab for alcohol and drug treatment

Luxury Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Our amenities, along with our specially trained staff have one specific focus and that focus is how we can best help people recover from addiction. We do that by providing a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment and a curriculum targeting individual recovery.

benefits of partial hospitalization programs

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Healing from a substance use disorder does not conclude with detox. To set the stage for lasting change, clients must be appropriately supported throughout their transition back to regular life. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we are committed to creating individualized recovery plans that allow for the best chance of long-term success. Contact our team at…