young man sitting on the beach for Gulf Breeze Recovery holistic non 12 step drug rehab

Creating a luxury environment for alcohol and drug treatment.

A luxury rehab environment is a welcome change from the hard road that led here.

Why is a luxury rehab environment important in a substance abuse treatment program? Many people with addiction have experienced treatment programs where they have been treated poorly, and sometimes they feel that they are so “bad”, that shoddy treatment is what they deserve. Sometimes family members are tired of dealing with a person with addiction and they don’t recognize the importance of a drug treatment program with pleasing amenities.

What we have found is that the difficult process of overcoming addiction is most successful in an agreeable environment. Overcoming addiction is not a simple or easy process. It requires physical, mental and spiritual recovery. Self-esteem that has been shattered, must be rebuilt. Individuals must learn how to make good choices and how to reconnect with that part of themselves that can be trusted.

Many times, people with long-term addictions have multiple physical health issues that need to be addressed, while some feel hopeless and mentally and spiritually broken.

People who come to Gulf Breeze Recovery are guests, and they're treated as such!

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, a non-12 step drug rehab center, we believe that people with addictions respond best when they are treated with respect in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Despite what many might believe, we know they aren’t broken and we know that our job is to provide a place for healing to occur.

Our beautiful waterfront location offers scenic views and a serene setting, perfect for self-reflection and perhaps quiet meditation. Comfortable rooms are provided for all our guests, along with gourmet meals and snacks, spa treatments, exercise, yoga, and neurofeedback.

Our guests receive intensive individual therapy with their own assigned therapist, and daily group sessions taught by mental health professionals and guest speakers. Time is built into the daily schedule for quiet reflection that adds to the overall healing process.

Our amenities, along with our specially trained staff have one specific focus and that focus is how we can best help people recover from addiction. We do that by providing a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment and a curriculum targeting individual recovery.

Our 24-7 Medical Staff makes the detoxification process safe and comfortable.

Medical staff is available to our guests 24-hours per day, and for those guests who require detoxification, the medical staff oversees and monitors their detoxification process to make it as comfortable as possible. Many guests report that detoxification was much easier than they expected.

We constantly monitor our guests completing the program for their input about the services they received at Gulf Breeze Recovery. They consistently confirm that being in a pleasant environment with lush amenities made their treatment process more pleasant than they ever believed possible and they see their time at Gulf Breeze Recovery as being life-changing.

Gulf Breeze Recovery Non 12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment center, Guests enjoy a private beach by the waters of Pensacola Bay

What might be viewed as luxury, we view as necessity to consistently provide the best substance rehabilitation treatment available for our guests to regain their health, long-term sobriety, and self-respect.

Don't just survive, learn how to THRIVE!

Do you or someone you love need treatment for addiction? Are you looking for a treatment option that cares about your personal comfort and can help make a difference in the rest of your life? Contact us at Gulf Breeze Recovery or call (855) 433-4480 to speak to an addiction expert to learn more about our program that has helped so many people overcome their addiction and embrace life. We help people not just to survive, but to THRIVE®.

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