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A new Mayo Clinic study finds that almost 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.  The study also suggests that more than half of all Americans are on two prescription drugs and about 20 percent are on five or more.  The most commonly prescribed drugs are antibiotics, antidepressants and pain-killing opioids.  The most common age groups for anti-depressants and opioids were among young and middle-aged adults.

As prescription drug use increases, so do deaths from prescription drug abuse.  In 2009, death from prescription drug overdose overtook traffic accidents as a cause of death and the gap has continued to widen.  The experts at Gulf Breeze Recovery understand the nature of prescription drug addiction and have developed a program designed to help those who are suffering with prescription drug and other substance abuse problems.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s team of addiction experts has developed a comprehensive treatment program that includes a detoxification center with private rooms, overseen by a medical doctor and staffed by nurses around the clock to provide the best of care.

World class facilities such as Gulf Breeze Recovery will use five components to their program: Detox or withdrawal from the chemical dependencies of the substance, Resistance Reversal to initiate the process of letting go from the past addictive lifestyle and start the process of living life in a healthier mental and physical condition, Physical Health Recovery utilizing a healthy diet and adequate sleep to re-establish a natural physical well-being, Mental Health Recovery using an individualized plan for each patient to focus on the underlying causes of addictions as well as any other disorders such as depression or anxiety, which often accompany drug addictions, and a complete Aftercare program designed to provide support well after an individual leaves the safety net of a treatment facility, ensuring lasting success.

Gulf Breeze Recovery has helped many overcome the devastation caused by prescription drug addiction.  If you or a loved one are suffering with prescription drug or any other addiction, call Gulf Breeze Recovery at 855-485-3273.

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