New Prescription Painkiller Approval Causes Worry

zohydroFlorida had been hit as hard as just about any other state in the country with the prescription drug abuse epidemic. State officials scrambled to amend laws regarding “pill mill” pain clinic/pharmacy combos that were responsible for high-volume painkiller distribution, and last year finally saw a decrease in the number of fatalities caused by prescription drug overdoses.

Now this improvement seems it is threatened by a new prescription narcotic called Zohydro ER, which is an extended-release version of hydrocodone and has a very high potential for a buse. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the sale of this drug, which prompted many legislators and attorneys general from around the country to respond with their concerns.

Despite making some progress in the prescription drug problem in Florida, the devastating effects of these painkillers are still at near-record highs and far from acceptable. Now the introduction of a drug that some are warning may cause as much damage as OxyContin has.

Not only is Zohydro an extended-release drug, but it is also pure hydrocodone, rather than being combined with acetaminophen like other hydrocodone producs such as Vicodin. The potential for abuse and diversion of this drug is extremely high, and warnings should be spread far and wide to patients who might be prescribed it and doctors who are the ones writing prescriptions.

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