Recognizing Substance Abuse Symptoms

It is not always easy to tell if someone is abusing drugs and/or alcohol. In order to maintain an addiction, the person becomes very good at hiding any signs that there may be a problem. However, there are definite signs that would indicate that substance abuse is an issue. Exhibiting a few symptoms is likely an indicator of a milder problem. The more symptoms a person shows, the more serious the situation.

People who have experimented with different substances that begin to take more than they originally intended are starting to show signs of a more serious problem. Those who talk about cutting back on their drug or alcohol use but then failing to follow through with their desires are also showing early signs of an addiction.

Other signs that a serious alcohol or drug problem is developing can include: a lot of time to acquiring and using the substance; craving and obsessing over the substance; letting the substance take precedence over social, family and work commitments; having to take more and more of the drug or alcohol to reach the desired effect; and experiencing withdrawals when the substance is not consumed.

People who continue to use even when friends and family have expressed concerns and wishes that they would no longer use are also showing significant signs of an abuse problem. When the drug begins to become more important that other aspects of life it is likely time to step in and get the person into treatment.

Oftentimes family members are able to see the signs that an addiction is present before the addict is willing to admit that there is a problem. In other cases, the denial from the family members is just as bad as the user’s. However, when the problem is identified, it is important to act quickly and without hesitation toward the solution.

Not dealing with the problem won’t make it go away. Facing the situation and addressing it through effective treatment and recovery support is often the only way to stop the addiction from getting any worse. If you have a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol problem and would like to learn more about successful treatment alternatives, contact us today.


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