Acclaimed Psychologist Visits Gulf Breeze Recovery

Bailey 1 handJoe Bailey works with staff and guests on realizing health over disease at the holistic addiction treatment program

As a veteran psychologist who has worked in the substance abuse field for decades, Joe Bailey once again brings his expertise to the staff and clients at Gulf Breeze Recovery. Bailey is world-renown author and speaker, with titles that include The Serenity Principle, as well as Slowing Down to the Speed of Life with best-selling author Richard Calrson.

In addition to teaching classes attended by guests of the treatment facility, Bailey’s main focus was on “helping the helper.” This means that people who work in the mental health and substance abuse field need to be sure and maintain their own health as well, and that devoting time to that each week ensures that clients continue to receive the highest quality of care.

“We feel that in order to meet or exceed the expectations of our guests, we know that we have to continue to seek improvement among our staff,” comments Gulf Breeze Recovery founder Barnett Gilmer. “We are dedicated to the process of continuous improvement and achieving the best possible results.”

At a previous site visit and staff training, Bailey lauded the program’s focus on recovering their guests’ innate health and resiliency rather than trying to manage a disease. He said that this modality of treatment is simpler and less difficult for the clients on their way to regaining control over their lives and has a more lasting positive effect on their overall health.

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s holistic approach to treating addiction is unparalleled in the field and is the only residential facility of its kind, using the Thrive! Total Health Recovery model.

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