Recovery Month Kicks off in Florida

recoverymonth2013Florida’s climate and beaches have made it a destination for recovery programs for a long time, as people from all around the country are attracted here to attend facilities of all types. In this the 24th year of National Recovery Month, the theme is “Together on Pathways to Wellness” and Gulf Breeze Recovery joins people throughout the state and country in celebrating successful treatment.

This year there is additional emphasis on the fact that there are many ways to achieve recovery from mental health and substance abuse problems. This is significant in our first year of operation since we have a forward-thinking approach. Our non-12 step program offers such a unique alternative to what most other treatment centers provide, and yet we can all support each other with promoting the fact that people can and do recover. It isn’t a competition since we’re all in this together trying to save lives.

Governor Rick Scott issued a proclamation declaring September as Florida Recovery Month, noting that more than 400,000 people a year receive some type of treatment or therapy for behavioral health issues in the state.

There are also well over a dozen events in Florida scheduled for this month on the Recovery Month website, from rallies and walks to games and movies.

Gulf Breeze Recovery encourages people to participate in the advocacy efforts this month through activities and to promote the benefits of providing more access to treatment. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our rehabilitation program and reversing the damage of substance abuse.

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