alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they are temporary and more tolerable with the right medical and emotional supports. When seeking alcohol detox in Florida, consider Gulf Breeze Recovery Center, which will enable you to navigate this phase of recovery in a safe, understanding environment. Our non-12 step programs take place entirely within our…

staying sober

Staying Sober Over Thanksgiving

Successful alcohol addiction treatment requires a plan that will allow you to return to a normal, happy life, including enjoying holidays and other meaningful celebrations. However, those suffering from substance abuse disorders have often come to associate holidays with drugs or alcohol. Rather than deprive yourself of holiday festivities, it is important to make contingency…

College Students Who Returned Home Due to Pandemic Drinking Less

Addiction treatment specialists and researchers are concerned that the global COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns will lead to a surge in alcoholism and drug addiction. Early indications suggest that such concerns may not be unfounded, but at least one population cohort appears to be reducing the risk of alcohol use disorder (AUD).