counselor explaining options to a client concerning luxury rehab for alcohol and drug treatment

Luxury Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Our amenities, along with our specially trained staff have one specific focus and that focus is how we can best help people recover from addiction. We do that by providing a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment and a curriculum targeting individual recovery.

alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they are temporary and more tolerable with the right medical and emotional supports. When seeking alcohol detox in Florida, consider Gulf Breeze Recovery Center, which will enable you to navigate this phase of recovery in a safe, understanding environment. Our non-12 step programs take place entirely within our…

self-medicating anxiety with alcohol

Risks of Self-medicating Anxiety With Alcohol

Many individuals in recovery have long personal histories of self-medicating anxiety with alcohol. Because of this relationship, it is imperative that alcohol addiction treatment programs include a comprehensive plan to diagnose any co-occurring disorders and include plans for ongoing mental health support. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we believe that healing must begin within the individual…

alternatives to 12 step programs

Alternatives to 12-Step Programs

For many years, Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-Step Program was considered the gold standard for recovery. Nowadays, however, there are many alternatives to 12-Step Programs available for individuals who struggle with a dependency on drinking, and it is not the sole framework available to help clients heal. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we believe in the power of…

staying sober

Staying Sober Over Thanksgiving

Successful alcohol addiction treatment requires a plan that will allow you to return to a normal, happy life, including enjoying holidays and other meaningful celebrations. However, those suffering from substance abuse disorders have often come to associate holidays with drugs or alcohol. Rather than deprive yourself of holiday festivities, it is important to make contingency…

effects of alcohol addiction

Physical Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The effects of alcohol addiction can be life-changing, irreversible, and in extreme cases, fatal. This is why it is so important to get the alcohol addiction treatment you need if you are struggling with alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab can seem like an overreaction to a socially acceptable substance. However, when alcohol use affects your relationships,…