Gulf Breeze Recovery Holds Special Workshop for Clients


Facility guests enjoy extended classes with Mavis Karn, MA, LSW

In less than two years, Gulf Breeze Recovery has risen to become one of the leaders in the non-12 step drug and alcohol rehabilitation field. Combining a new approach with other proven methods, the waterfront facility has been operating at capacity for many months.

One of the mission statements of the treatment center is to continue to enhance their services and their own learning as well. Most recently, they participated in a series of workshops provided by renowned counselor, teacher and facilitator, Mavis Karn, MA, LSW. She has a private practice in St. Paul, MN and routinely works with individuals and families, as well as organizations such as hospitals, police forces, businesses and other groups. Ms. Karn often works with Joe Bailey, who is another consultant for the facility and author of “The Serenity Principle.”

Ms. Karn is a leader in one of the fields of psychology used at Gulf Breeze Recovery, and one of the concepts discussed was the need to focus more on what’s right with ourselves than what’s wrong. The desire to cultivate the innate wellbeing is a shared concept of many, and in the case of addiction, transformation can sometimes occur in an instant.

“We were deeply impressed with Ms. Karn’s ability to help us all find simplicity in our thoughts and actions, and our guests benefited greatly from her teachings,” commented Gulf Breeze Recovery founder Barnett Gilmer. “She shared some wonderful insights that will forever be ingrained in many of our minds.”

One of the statements in Gulf Breeze Recovery’s 15-part pledge says that they will hold themselves accountable and are committed to a quality assurance program designed for continuous improvement. Bringing in outside consultants to work with staff as well as clients is part of that commitment.


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