5 Ways to Find Happiness

Trying to be happier, here are five ideas


Delight. Contentment. Happiness. As we humans move through our lives, we are in a nearly constant search for happiness that dictates so many of our decisions. Will I be happy in a better climate? Will I enjoy living close to family? Will this job fulfill my ambitions? I will be happy when this semester/project/season of my life is over…

With so much of our everyday life ruled by whether or not something will bring us joy, maybe it’s time to take a step back and see what can make a real impact on our happiness levels. Here are 5 ways to find happiness in every day.


sing-1673338-600px1. Sing! Singing has been linked to the release of endorphins and oxytocin, which both give your body a boost. Singing also helps you feel connected to others, negates loneliness and gives your body a mini-workout, all of which make singing an entirely free and easy way to boost your happiness quotient in just a few short minutes.


stillness-1676685-600px2. Do Nothing! Studies are demonstrating that taking just a few minutes out of every day can help beat the stress that we pile on ourselves from our addiction to multi-tasking as we answer emails, walk the dog, and teleconference with business partners while chugging overpriced caffeinated drinks to stay awake. Constantly “doing” something exhausts our nervous system and brings on the misery, and just a few minutes of conscious time-out can quickly put us back on the right track to relaxation and contentment even in the midst of our busiest days.


grattitude1679072-600px3. Be Grateful. The science is clear on this one: your grandmother was right! When she told you to count your blessings, she was echoing sentiments from hundreds of great thinkers from Piglet to Seneca: “A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.” Being grateful for just a few minutes every day rewires your brain, lowers your blood pressure, while boosting your immune system, not to mention your attention to aches and pains and raises your awareness of positive emotions.


imperfect-600px4. Forget about “Perfect”. We put so many expectations on ourselves, on how we should look, where we should be in life, what kind of parents, employees and friends we should be. The truth is we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else is, we judge ourselves more harshly and try to compare our journey with other people’s final results. This leads to unhappiness and frustration! If you accept that you are only human, know that you (along with everyone else) are just doing the best one can in each day, and forget about comparisons you will inevitably experience relief and peace about your life.


move-1700795-600px5. Move! You don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of physical exercise. Whether you join a local sports team, a gym, or just go for a walk, getting your body moving every day is scientifically proven to have long lasting mood benefits. In addition to all the health benefits you gain physically, light exercise also releases all those feel-good brain chemicals, helps fight depression and lowers stress. So lace up those tennis shoes and get going!


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