Finding an Outlet After an Addiction

Freehands-300x199One component not often talked about in recovery is the basic urge to have an outlet to direct energy toward. The old saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” definitely has some truth to it, as many people discover they now have time that needs to be filled with more constructive or creative things rather than their old behavior. This is a different kind of idle time compared to the quiet reflections of meditation or prayer that we’re referring to here.

Detroit rapper Eminem was recently quoted as saying that embracing the creative process of his music and the community with fans was a major factor in his recovery.

There are endless possibilities for these outlets though, as each person is unique. It may be a form of art such as music, painting, drawing, writing or sculpting, but it could also be a hobby like wood working, sewing, knitting, reading, gardening, home repairs or working on cars. Again, there are innumerable examples. The point isn’t what the activity is, but that it fulfills the creative impulse that resides in each of us and allows for expression. It is part of the same thread that enhances the experience and appreciation of beauty in the world.

When we feel better through activities such as these our general outlook on life continues to improve, which in turn also strengthens our resolve to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. It all is part of a revolving whole, each facet helping to improve the others, rising to new heights.

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