Gulf Breeze Recovery’s Collaborative Approach

FacilityHolistic, non-12 step rehab center works with clients to address more needs in health recovery.

Gulf Breeze, FL (PRWEB) – One of the most difficult parts about treating addiction can be the cooperation of the people undergoing the rehabilitation, so their success can often heavily rely on whether or not they believe it will work.

One of the best ways to not only get people willing to participate in their treatment, but also to believe in the potential for success, is to use what has been called collaborative treatment. This is where the the doctors, therapists and counselors work with the client as a team, all giving input on what things need to be addressed so that there is a greater chance for a positive outcome. Only a few rehabs put this theory and method to use around the country.

Gulf Breeze Recovery uses a collaborative approach in their rehabilitation facility throughout the program, from intake and assessment through multiple phases of treatment and beyond completion. This is one of the best ways to ensure that individualized care is provided with a balance of group interaction.

According to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) publication on shared decision-making (SDM) in behavioral healthcare, “SDM leads to improvements in the provider-client relationship and health outcomes, such as treatment adherence, treatment satisfaction, and biomedical outcomes (Stewart, 1995).”

“Recovery really is a team effort here,” says Gulf Breeze Recovery founder Barnett Gilmer. “Our focus of restoring innate health is a natural process that requires input and participation from our clients and staff. We do this because it works.”

The waterfront facility combines many traditional disciplines with multiple non-12 step therapies to provide a unique experience for each individual. The center also has a medical detox unit for those who need it and 24-hour nursing staff on site to help provide a wider range of in-house services rather than having to go to a separate detox facility first.

Contact Gulf Breeze Recovery today to find out more about this innovative treatment approach to addiction and mental health recovery.

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