Gulf Breeze Recovery Restores Physical Health

OurFacilityNon-12 step treatment program in Florida uses innovative approach to addiction recovery

One portion of the Gulf Breeze Recovery program focuses on physical health.  It is commonly understood that drug and alcohol addiction can create physical problems for people.

Another difficulty associated with substance abuse includes an increased chance of physical injury.  Whether the person became addicted to prescription painkillers as a result of their injury or they were hurt in an accident caused by the addiction, incorporating the physical health element into the recovery process is essential.

Gulf Breeze Recovery works with clients to help in a variety of ways, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, spa therapy and more. Located only two blocks away from the world-famous Andrews Institute, guests of Gulf Breeze Recovery who require physical therapy are able to receive care from the same facility and doctors that famous athletes from all over the world receive.

Another common scenario that is seen at treatment centers throughout the country is that people become addicted to painkillers after having a surgery of some type.  These can range from tooth extractions to much more complicated procedures.  When painkiller addictions go untreated, a growing percentage of people wind up getting hooked on heroin, which is a stronger and cheaper alternative opiate.

“We strive to provide the highest quality of care for our guests,” comments Gulf Breeze Recovery Vice President for Admissions Reed Smith.  “We understand that in order to fully recover from addiction, there are many aspects that need to be addressed.  We have had a number of clients who were recovering from prescription drug dependencies after surgeries who required physical therapy.  These clients were able to benefit not only from our services, but also from the professionals over at the Andrews Institute.”

The reason why total health recovery is important is that when people feel better physically there are residual mental health benefits.  Treating the whole person to fit their individual needs is vital to recovery.

For more information about Gulf Breeze Recovery, call 1-855-485-3273 or visit, where you can see client testimonials as well as take a tour of the facility.

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