How to Choose the Right Rehab for You

With nearly 15,000 rehabs in the United States how do you choose the right one for you?


Horses, meditation, painting, and roughing it in the wilderness…drug rehab programs offer such a wide variety of therapies it can be extremely difficult to choose the one that will help save your life. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that there are over 14,500 specialized drug treatment programs in the United States, offering inpatient and outpatient programs, cognitive therapy, group or individual counseling, holistic or religious based and more. So how do you make such an important decision on which rehab to trust?

Horses may be beautiful, and riding them can make a person feel free and joyful. Playing golf may be a significant physical activity in your life. Meditation may seem necessary to calm the stressors of a hectic life. All of these are beautiful therapies, but how can you be sure that they will be what you need to address your addiction?

The truth is that truly getting over a harmful addiction requires more than animals or even fresh air, or there would be one method of treatment that is sure to work for everyone. What makes a real difference, what all good rehab programs should point towards, is the insight that helps their client see what caused their addiction in the first place. This doesn’t have to entail digging into the trials of the past, peeling back layers of hurt or stress, but it should illuminate the thinking that leads to the road of abuse.

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we call this “insightful discovery”, and the point is to see yourself with perfect clarity, without shame for your past, without fear for your future. To be able to understand who you really are, not as an addict, but as a human being with the same unlimited potential that you were born with, that you see in others and used to see in yourself before the weight of addiction began to pull you under. Seeing yourself as whole and not broken and knowing that you can access physical and mental health once more allows you the complete freedom to drop the chains of addiction that have been holding you back, and even more than that, make it utterly unthinkable ever to put those chains back on again.

Can you do this while riding horses or watching wolves? It’s possible. Can you do this while painting from your emotional history all that you have kept buried? Maybe so. But no matter what entertainment a program has to offer you if they aren’t pointing you in the direction of your own true nature and complete physical, emotional and spiritual health, they are taking a long way around. That path may be so long you might miss the destination altogether and end up substituting one addiction for another, as is so often the case with some programs. What Gulf Breeze Recovery has found is that only the people in any program who have clear and lasting change in their lives are the ones who have an insight into themselves, which is why our whole program is based on pointing the way to that as directly as possible.

Beautiful facilities and an excellent view are enjoyable; there’s no doubt about it. Maybe animals seem like a natural choice for therapy. But when making the decision that could save your life, why not choose one that looks beyond the pretty scenery and the extracurricular activities to the heart of the addiction, where the greatest impact will be?


Gulf Breeze Recovery is a non-12-step addiction treatment center located in the panhandle of northwest Florida, overlooking Pensacola Beach. We lead the industry with therapy hours received per guest with more than any other treatment facility in the country, It is clean and beautiful, and most importantly, is adept at helping people create their own maps to the final destination of health and well being. Call us at (855)-433-4480 today to find out if Gulf Breeze Recovery can help you or a loved one solve an addiction problem for good.


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