Wisdom comes when you Relax!

The secret to accessing your innate wisdom.


Neuroscience explains how a process of electrical and chemical signals work together, impacting muscles and resulting in bodily movement. When we choose to move our bodies, from where does that first message come? We know how to move our bodies: from where does that knowledge come?
Without having to pay attention, our bodies will naturally breathe, our hearts will beat, and we will strive to adapt. More than just our physical bodies, our internal compass of feelings and intuition, often called wisdom or sometimes instinct, helps guide us in life towards what we find fulfilling, empowering, and meaningful. Just as science knows that our natural healing capacity operates best when we are at a state of peace, fulfillment, or happiness, the same applies to our ability to see the world clearly and respond appropriately.

relax-600pxFor most of us, being in a state of “doing something” is stressful. We often take responsibility for the world and push ourselves to “do something”: to act, to fix, to be the one to carry the burden. When this happens, we’re not listening to our wisdom anymore. In fact, we’ve lost sight of ourselves completely. We’re too fixated on the problem to solve it. We end up treating the problem as if it is more important than us, and our peace of mind.

If you find yourself experiencing a disconnect from your place of health and wisdom,
here are some helpful things to keep in mind:

    • Wisdom is like sleep: we can’t force it to happen. In fact, trying to force it takes us further away from it. Respect your internal timetable.
    • Expectations of any sort (how we should feel, what we should do, how much change we should see, etc.) come from our thinking and not from this actual moment.
    • Our thoughts have learned what has worked in the past or what “normal” should be, but a part of growth is changing. What worked in the past may not be what we need to help us at this moment. Allow yourself to be open.
    • Often we can contribute to the problem without meaning to because we haven’t gotten a real look at the situation. In an honest attempt to “help things along” we can stir things up, muddying the waters even more. Like muddy water, sometimes we have to take a step back and allow events to settle. Sometimes the best thing we can do is give ourselves permission not to do anything for a while.

Many people say that wisdom whispers. We can overlook our wisdom because it’s too simple or doesn’t promise a big, heroic ending. Allow yourself to get in touch with that quiet space within you.


Wisdom is an innate quality. If you find yourself tempted to “force a solution,” find another activity that you enjoy or that you find soothing and do that instead. Another activity includes going for a walk, taking a bath, pursuing a hobby, or engaging in something spiritual. We can’t force wisdom, but we can make it easier on ourselves to listen for it.


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