Recovery Success in Birmingham


Alex Wright meets with therapists and counselors from his hometown regarding the rehabilitation program that he credits with helping save his life.

Since opening its doors in May of 2013, Gulf Breeze Recovery has now helped hundreds of people from around the country become free from substance abuse and other destructive behavior. Located in the Florida panhandle, many of the people who seek treatment there come from Birmingham and other parts of Alabama.

One of those people was Alex Wright, who struggled with an addiction to opiates and other substances for more than five years. After learning what was causing his behavior and subsequently stopping it, Alex decided he wanted to be able to help others find out about the innovative treatment as well.

“Gulf Breeze Recovery was the facilitator of my turn around in life, so it only made sense to go to work for them,” comments Alex. “It allows me to share with individuals and families that there are other options out there, and not to give up if they haven’t found success in other forms of treatment. Just being able to share this one truth with someone who feels as though there are no more options, is what drives me out of bed each morning.”

Alex is now the Vice President of Outreach for Gulf Breeze Recovery. Among many other responsibilities, he introduces the program to counselors and therapists as an option for clients who may need a different approach. This week he is set to meet with several psychologists in his hometown of Birmingham with the hopes of being able to help more people from the area reach their goals of more than just sobriety.

The residential treatment center is longer-term, taking about 6 – 8 weeks to complete. A medical detox wing is available for those who need it as well. The core of the program focuses on their unique program called Thrive Total Health Recovery. It incorporates traditional medicine with a holistic approach to create a unique non-12 step experience.

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