Own your feeling, Own your thinking

There is never any time that you are ever NOT feeling your thinking.


Think about the last time you got angry with someone other than yourself. Maybe it’s an unfair boss or bossy sibling. Perhaps it was the dishwasher repairman who assured you everything was operational for the third time this week just hours before your kitchen floor flooded again. Regardless of who or what the situation was, think about it for a moment and allow yourself to get back into it. You were angry! You were violated! You were justifiably upset, and it was solely due to this other human and their actions!

If you’re any good at imagining, you may even feel a little upset right now just thinking about it. All of those emotions come rushing back, your blood pressure begins to creep up, heat flushes your face, and you may even be too irritated to keep reading…. but keep going, I promise, you want to hear this.

featured image for feelings postThere is never any time in the history of your life that you have ever NOT been emotionally feeling your thinking, even if it appears to be coming from someone else or his or her behavior. In the same way, that you can only feel what is physically within your presence right now through your attention to it, you can only feel emotional about something when you are thinking about it and paying attention to it.

If you’ve ever laid in bed at night rehashing annoyances and gotten, well, annoyed, then you’ve proven my idea already. Warm and cozy in a bed of soft sheets…and annoyed? It clearly illuminates that it was never the person who wronged you or the horrible day you’ve had because none of those things were hopefully in bed with you, but the one thing that remains constant is the fact that you were there, thinking away.

Test it out for yourself by remembering anything that made you emotional—the stronger, the better. See if you can recreate those emotions just by thinking about whatever it was that happened. Unless it is happening all over again, it is coming from you! If you can see that it is coming from you after the fact, it is easier to see that it is also only coming from you in real time, too.


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