Gulf Breeze Recovery Offers Sobriety Tips for the Holidays

Holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program uses unique non-12 step approach

The Holiday Season should be a time of joy, gratitude, spending time with loved ones and celebrating another year ahead. Unfortunately for some people struggling with substance abuse or even already in recovery, this can be a difficult time as they try to deal with the problems they face in life.

For people still battling addiction, an inpatient rehabilitation center is one of the best places they can spend their Holidays. With the new year approaching, what better way to start it off than with a chance at a brand new life. Completing a treatment program offers a clean slate for many people to be able to put their past behind them and move forward with a positive, drug-free life.

With many thousands of people recently completing their treatment at facilities throughout the country, there are a lot of families that are able to celebrate the hope of recovery. In order to maintain sobriety throughout the Holiday Season and beyond, Gulf Breeze Recovery offers the following advice:

– Avoid parties where you know there will be a lot of alcohol being consumed or possible drug use.

– Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages to any family gatherings or work parties, just in case.

– Stay away from discussing major family problems to avoid fights or other stressful triggers.

– Participate in or volunteer to help with a community function or church event to have positive activities and influences and to be in the presence of the spirit of the season.

– Remember that it’s okay to have thoughts or cravings. They’re natural to have, and they will pass. You don’t have to put emphasis on them, but instead pay attention to the other positive thoughts.

– Surround yourselves with other sober friends and family members for additional support

– Keep in mind that you are the one in charge of yourself and your actions. You don’t have to give in to some alter-ego of past self, it holds no power over you today unless you let it.

According to Gulf Breeze Recovery founder Barnett Gilmer, “A fundamental principle of our program is focusing on inner strength and wisdom, and we help people see that they are the ones in control over their responses to situations in life. A real understanding of this concept gives the power of everlasting sobriety to our guests, and what better gift can there be for someone struggling with addiction.”

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