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Understanding your innate potential.

Added: valuable information about recognizing Your Innate Health.

Innate Health is simply the principle that you have everything you need to be healthy.

For many guests who come to Gulf Breeze Recovery, the moment they have their first insight can be a huge moment of transformation. However for many it is a subtle process and it dawns on them over time.

Watch Episode-4 of the Cycle of Addiction series for our "Beyond Addiction" podcast.

The first five episodes of Beyond Addiction Podcast are about the cycle of addiction. In episode four we talk about the critical discovery our guests make when they discover they have the capacity to tap into their own innate power, wellbeing, and ability to heal and restore themselves.

Your Innate Health and Resilience

This blog post by Gulf Breeze Recovery originally appeared back in July of 2013. Since the basic information, which is the cornerstone of Gulf Breeze Recovery's non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol treatment program, has stayed as fundamental to our success with guests who suffer from chronic relapse, it deserves to be updated with any new information we have learned since then about innate health and personal resilience.

From our Podcast Series "Beyond Addiction"

When you see yourself in your full resilience with all of this innate health and innate value that you were born with they're pleasantly surprised that what's underneath all of the drugs and all of the alcohol and all of the acting out and all the behaviors and all the dodging and all the trying to stay busy and all the trying to stay distracted, underneath all of that is a person who is innately healthy. When a person becomes comfortable just being in a space alone with no other distraction, then boredom loses the power as a trigger. You're comfortable with yourself.

image of woman holding the light of inspiration and personal resilience for a blog article for Gulf Breeze Recovery Non-12 step holistic drug and alcohol rehabHow understanding my innate health created a paradigm shift in how I experience life.

Have you ever spent hours looking for something? You know that “something” is around somewhere, not lost, but not found by you.

I had this experience recently before taking a trip with my small children. I wanted the drive to go smoothly and as painless as possible, but I was not able to find the thing that I knew would make it more convenient than anything else. I searched drawers, the car, my bags. I knew it wasn’t gone, but I couldn’t find it. I was what many would consider, "racking my brain." I felt frustrated. Then, I remembered something I learned in my Psychology 101 class in college. My professor said, "Just tell yourself that it will come to you, and then simply stop trying to remember." So, I sat in my car, about to leave, and stopped trying to remember. I didn't move or think, and I just knew that it would come to me. Just in that instant, the exact place that this useful item resided came into my mind. I ran back into the house, directly to the spot, grabbed it, and ran back to my car feeling triumphant.

It was a small incident; however, the experience added more evidence to this paradigm shift that I am currently allowing to happen in my life. The paradigm that I am enough, that my mind, my body, and my spirit all contain the abilities that I need to enjoy my life and attain my goals. I could have, in that incident, told myself how careless I am for forgetting where it was, how silly I am for wanting it so badly, and how much better I could be if I just kept up with all my things. Instead, I chose to accept that I wasn't remembering, but that I had the potential to remember.

It's not confidence, per se, but rather a willingness to remove my personal thinking allowing my deeper wisdom to do its job.

Even if I had never remembered, what would have remained would be understanding and acceptance that I could still manage the trip without that item. From this experience, I gained more evidence of my capabilities and more confidence that I can allow myself to ignore the constant thinking that gets in the way of my wisdom and progress.

This experience, as minuscule as it was, reminded me that much of the world would have us think that we are not in control of our destinies or progress. That we are products of an environment or that our actions are merely conditioned. When I think this way, then I tend to feel powerless and hopeless. Stephen Covey, the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, rationalizes that “Each of us guards a gate that can only be opened from the inside." This is the type of understanding that helps me feel powerful. It simultaneously does and doesn’t give me direction on what I need to do. It doesn’t tell me exactly what steps I need for a successful breakthrough, but it does tell me where true power comes from.

It is with these shifts in my perspective that I have observed my potential and experienced the most consistent growth.

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Gulf Breeze Recovery’s THRIVE® program is a non 12-step approach designed for those who are looking for a drug and alcohol treatment program to produce a different and positive result.
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