sober christmas

How to Have a Sober Christmas

An effective aftercare program will include instructions on transitioning back to regular life more easily, allowing you to surround yourself with the people, things, and activities you love. Gulf Breeze Recovery is committed to complete recovery, including creating a personalized plan to support our clients during key transitions. Call our team at 833.551.2304 to begin…

managing holiday stress

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Managing holiday stress can be challenging during a typical holiday season, doubly so during your first year in recovery. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, our comprehensive approach includes an anxiety treatment program, allowing you to return to your regular life armed with more healthful (and effective) coping mechanisms than alcohol or drugs. Call our team today…


Thankful for Sobriety on Thanksgiving

Holidays are difficult for many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.
For most, Thanksgiving is a time of intense reflection about the past and introspection on how far they might have come in the last year. This type of thought can often be a joyous event that a person celebrates with friends and family. However, it’s no secret that the holidays are known for being a difficult time for many people addicted to drugs and alcohol. With the copious amounts of opportunities to drink or use, the financial, familial, and traveling stress, and the general pressures that come at the end of the year, the chances for relapse seem endless. Not to mention the fact that many people addicted to drugs often feel stuck in a place where they might only be seeing the things they’ve done wrong, or view another year as a failure as they attempt to get clean. It can sometimes seem like having a year filled with active drug addiction and feelings of happiness, gratitude and peace at Thanksgiving are mutually exclusive. However, a look at Gulf Breeze Recovery’s testimonials webpage will prove you wrong.