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Graduate’s Journey to Sobriety Revealed, Beyond Addiction Podcast from Gulf Breeze Recovery.

This Podcast is with Kat a Graduate of Gulf Breeze Recovery. Kat has been through the GBR program and we are excited to speak with her about her journey since leaving Gulf Breeze Recovery. Kat entered treatment at Gulf Breeze Recovery in 2016 after a twelve-year struggle with substance abuse. She has just celebrated seven…

Person sitting on couch with her head in her hands experiencing despair while struggling with functioning alcoholism

Dealing with Functioning Alcoholism

Although many individuals with alcohol dependence display signs of inebriation, others can moderate their symptoms, going through the motions of a normal-seeming life. What is high-functioning alcoholism? Individuals who struggle with it may secretly drink and prevent alcoholism from derailing their education, work, or domestic lives. Unfortunately, when the consequences of their reliance on drinking…