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polysubstance abuse

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

The complex nature of polysubstance abuse can make treatment challenging, perhaps impossible to endure on one’s own. Due to the unique combination of controlled substances an individual may be taking, successful treatment will require close medical supervision and a holistic approach to the client’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. At Gulf Breeze Recovery, we offer…

addressing childhood trauma

Properly Addressing Childhood Trauma

Traumatic events from our past do not simply linger in our memories; they can make very real changes to your brain’s actual physiology, many of which make individuals more susceptible to developing substance use disorders. However, multifaceted approaches to recovery can successfully reverse these changes, allowing clients to finally confront both issues and permanently address…

co-occurring disorders

Addressing Co-Occuring Disorders

More than half of individuals struggling with their mental health simultaneously develop substance use disorders. In the past, these entailed distinct treatment protocols, meaning that patients often bounced back and forth between treatment programs, with minimal overall success. We now have a much better understanding of co-occurring disorders and the need for clients to address…

effects of alcohol addiction

Physical Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The effects of alcohol addiction can be life-changing, irreversible, and in extreme cases, fatal. This is why it is so important to get the alcohol addiction treatment you need if you are struggling with alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab can seem like an overreaction to a socially acceptable substance. However, when alcohol use affects your relationships,…