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benefits of experiential therapy

3 Benefits of an Experiential Therapy Program

If the thought of sitting on a couch and revealing all of your secrets to a professional stranger makes you nervous, many alternative treatment options could help support your mental health or rehabilitation and wellness journey. While individual therapy is an important part of a treatment process, experiential therapy programs can be the component that…

a person goes through heroin addiction recovery

Understanding Heroin Addiction Recovery

Even after years of synthetic opioids and dangerous new designer drugs, heroin remains one of the most addictive substances known to modern medical science. This highly potent painkiller is derived from the same opium poppy that gave us morphine and other medically useful compounds. But heroin works quickly to hijack the chemical reward system in…

a woman displays alcohol addiction signs

3 Signs of Alcohol Addiction in a Loved One

Drinking, like smoking, is a common and deeply entrenched part of our culture today. It can be impossible for people who struggle with addiction to ignore something that is everywhere, cheap, and socially acceptable. Even though alcohol-related deaths like car accidents and domestic violence continue to climb in the United States, it can still be…